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Switching from BIND to PowerDNS in a few seconds

Seconds, really. First, why stop using BIND? For me it just happened because I couldn’t understand why BIND wasn’t working (again). However there are many other reasons to make the switch before it’s too late. BIND has a bad security history, PowerDNS‘s code is more “modern” and its various parts are well-separated (for example, you […]

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What did I use to build this blog? First of all, you will notice I am using WordPress. I looked briefly at the alternatives, but the thing that made me stick with WordPress is that they lack a lot of features and more importantly the WordPress community is amazing (numerous themes and plugins). Granted, a […]

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Welcome to my new blog. I’m not new at blogging, though previously I mostly wrote in French. I will talk only about technology-related stuff here; no politics or personal feelings. I know that some people are doing both on their blogs, but I don’t see the point and the readership is usually different depending on […]

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