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chmod 777 is evil

Well, chmod 666 is the true evil obviously, but people who use the chmod 777 trick really don’t want to bother with the different signification of x for files and folders, so they mark all files as executables. This makes ls in my terminal quite ugly, and is what motivated me to write yet another […]

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I see on a lot of projects stuff like this: function getStuff() { try { return $this->retrieveStuff() } catch (Exception $e) { return null; } }function getStuff() { try { return $this->retrieveStuff() } catch (Exception $e) { return null; } } The issue, in this example, is not that we silence an error. It should […]

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Why I wouldn’t use Symfony for a new project

Symfony is pretty good for a PHP framework — it’s probably still one of the better ones. While Symfony is open source, its development clearly isn’t open. Nowadays, it is mainly unmaintained. Well, it’s maintained by Sensio, which is very closed towards outsiders, and doesn’t apply fixes for versions below 1.3 even when patches are […]

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