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While the Seinfeld calendar greatly helped me to get the habit of doing something productive, the service I used has its flaws. First, it’s restricted to GitHub. Also, since it only counts commits, and not the fact that I can work without any finished product, it made me prefer short work and postpone doing stuff I […]

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Some clarifications on symfttpd

The basic idea is to start a server without any central configuration to maintain, and no need for any root access, hence generic virtual hosts features of Apache or lighttpd are not complete alternatives, as they at least require editing /etc/hosts. It uses the FastCGI backend (or “SAPI”) and can by default handle 3 concurrent […]

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The sad quest for a portable audiophile setup

I don’t like to listen to stuff loud. People usually listen loud because their setups are bad and it compensates somewhat. Well, I’d like to preserve my hearing — already imperfect — as much as possible. With my current IEMs, the outside noise is actually louder than when I wear them and play music. In […]

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