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Using irker (CIA replacement) and gitolite

I’ve recently switched to Gitolite for my git repository management. So far, it’s been a great experience: setting it up is easy, and managing it is a pleasure. I am using a feature where a simple push to a path will create the repository if it does not exist (the only hosting service allowing this […]

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I see dancing turtles

I did my part. Both client-side and server-side. Did you? While most of my services are now available over IPv6, they were available before but with no public announcement (i.e. no AAAA entry). The only missing one is XMPP with Prosody, which will have to wait for 0.9.0. It seems most registrars still don’t support […]

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Better than a PHP rant

This should be a required reading for any PHP good developer1. Not because they would learn PHP is made by misguided nihilists, or that they shouldn’t use it for anything serious. It’s a given. They should read it because it’s better than the documentation; it’s stuff they will get bit by, eventually. I had immense […]

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