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ISPs: raw speed vs. connectivity

I chose my current ISP on one criteria only: speed, especially upload speed. It’s Numericable fake fiber, i.e. fiber to the building. I really don’t care about the so-called “100 mega” download speed, but the upload speeds are at least 5 fives higher than standard DSL. However, you don’t get access to the Internet. Dynamic […]

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Faster module creation for Weboob

From the start, creating a new weboob module was a pain, as you had a lot of repetitive copy-paste-alter tasks to do. Since I can’t stand anything repetitive, I created a tool to speed up module creation, which was inspired from the now retired tools/ Now, when I see code generation, I usually think something […]

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New employer

I am now working for Budget Insight. My work should be mostly Python, and for some part contributions to the weboob project. Even though I’m not looking at all in that branch, I still get at least an e-mail a week for symfony-related work! I guess this is good for Symfony developers, though.

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