ISPs: raw speed vs. connectivity

I chose my current ISP on one criteria only: speed, especially upload speed. It’s Numericable fake fiber, i.e. fiber to the building. I really don’t care about the so-called “100 mega” download speed, but the upload speeds are at least 5 fives higher than standard DSL.
However, you don’t get access to the Internet. Dynamic IPv4, no IPv6, “no server allowed” (whatever that means), SMTP blocks, QoS, etc. isn’t Internet.

The logical step was to use my OVH server as a VPN, especially since it has unmetered bandwidth, IPv6, and I already pay for it. I just ran some tests and it’s actually faster going through the VPN! This is seriously broken.

44 down / 4.3 up / 49 ms
64 down / 12.3 up / 29 ms

Now, there are some bias; I get varying results depending on the test servers I’m using. Also, the ping to servers that matters to me are usually around 7 ms without the VPN, and the VPN can add another 7 ms, which is not negligible.

Moreover, using the OVH server IP space has downsides. Some websites give me different treatments. has the funniest behavior: it redirects any request to Another website gave me an explicit message like “no servers allowed”. Some just block everything.

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