Introducing xunitparser

I tend to think good software does not need much publicity; if it’s indexed people will find it, test it and adopt it. I am more than often proved wrong — however it seems like the less time people spend on quality, the more time they spend on publicity (or more exactly, building hype). At least I don’t think I should publicize software that I don’t consider ready for general use.

Anyway, I released xunitparser quietly a few months ago, and what happened was exactly what I usually dream of: many people started using it, sending me requests or bug reports. The weird thing is that it’s not a project I care about yet; actually I haven’t started using it myself! My goal is to analyze Weboob’s buildbot reports, and the first step was parsing the xUnit files. Since Python already has a test framework, I just use the same classes and seed them with the results.

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