Weboob, the Asshole Detector

We often get complaints around Weboob‘s name, and the various application names.

There’s no denying they’re childish. What they are not, however, is sexist.

There is “boob” in the main name, and “boob” is a friendly name referring to (mostly female) breasts. We would, for example, avoid using “tits” or “cunt”, because they are often demeaning1. Though it is a happy accident (our earlier ideas like “woob” and “webob” were taken), we certainly like playing with that.

The idea is the same with application names; it’s all about friendly jokes (like wetboobs the weather tool, which manages to be related to weather and boobs).

If you’re offended, just ask yourself “how is it sexist?”.

As it appears, Weboob is a formidable tool to detect people that are part of the “be offended first, think later” crowd. Interestingly, the crusaders2 are to date all male, and often assert that women can’t like jokes about breasts or sex in general3. How fucked up is that?

They will always make a scene4 on how they’re never going to use Weboob because of names. Guys, here’s the thing: we don’t need you and we certainly don’t want you. I for one am glad we created an Asshole Detector, albeit by accident.

  1. We however are mostly not native English speakers. Mistakes can happen. []
  2. This is not an euphemism. They act like they are fighting for a good cause, but it’s only pretend. []
  3. And who the hell are they to talk in place of others? That is actual sexism. []
  4. So that it is abundantly clear, this is purely about making a scene; I do not care about their opinions or how many penises they may have. All our contributors do not and do not have to like the branding. []
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    Firefox 17.0 Firefox 17.0 GNU/Linux x64 GNU/Linux x64
    Did you know? Even “bro” is offensive now: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=7121268

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