In case you still think banks know what they are doing

Working with Weboob has confirmed my suspicions that banks’ IT departments are clueless (at least the French ones).

It’s not only that they have terrible websites with snake-oil security (i.e. keypads are easily logged, they only bother regular users).

It’s that their approach to security is from another world. When I was working with a client that was a bank a few years ago, they forced on us a lot of stupid things in the name of security, but to make things work the chosen solutions were worse from every point of view, including actual security.

This is not a technical problem; the problem is a lack of technical people where they should be.

The cherry on the cake is the BNP Paribas bank. They have been historically terrible at configuring their DNS server (with a tendency to return a different IP depending on yours, and of course those two IPs gave two different versions of the site… unless one of them was out of commission).
And now, for over a year, they have been forcing SSL connections to RC4 128 bits, which is a known weak cipher. If you try to force something better, the server will reject you!

Banks try hard to be taken seriously, and they usually are. I just can’t help laughing at them.

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