Bien que tout ici soit écrit en anglais, ma langue maternelle est le français. Donc si vous parlez français, écrivez-moi en français !

About me and the blog

This is the personal homepage and blog of Laurent Bachelier, i.e. myself.

The name Code Penguin comes from a pun on code monkeys. However it is not a demeaning term like code monkey, because penguins are way cooler than monkeys.

The blog is dedicated to work and technology-related stuff; you won’t find anything personal here.


You can contact me through my e-mail address at or by Jabber (compatible with Google Talk) though I don’t usually accept strangers.

I currently live in Paris, France.

This page is also an hCard.

Content and comments

The contents of this blog are released under the by-sa Creative Commons license. The source code snippets are also released under the MIT license.

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