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Don’t forget the other kind of WTF

Sometimes, the code looks good, but it doesn’t mean that the whole project in itself is good. First, a project should be simple to install. The install documentation should exist and always be up to date. I encounter too many projects where “inside knowledge” is required to install the application, and you don’t know if […]

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chmod 777 is evil

Well, chmod 666 is the true evil obviously, but people who use the chmod 777 trick really don’t want to bother with the different signification of x for files and folders, so they mark all files as executables. This makes ls in my terminal quite ugly, and is what motivated me to write yet another […]

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I see on a lot of projects stuff like this: function getStuff() { try { return $this->retrieveStuff() } catch (Exception $e) { return null; } }function getStuff() { try { return $this->retrieveStuff() } catch (Exception $e) { return null; } } The issue, in this example, is not that we silence an error. It should […]

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