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Introducing xunitparser

I tend to think good software does not need much publicity; if it’s indexed people will find it, test it and adopt it. I am more than often proved wrong — however it seems like the less time people spend on quality, the more time they spend on publicity (or more exactly, building hype). At […]

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Faster module creation for Weboob

From the start, creating a new weboob module was a pain, as you had a lot of repetitive copy-paste-alter tasks to do. Since I can’t stand anything repetitive, I created a tool to speed up module creation, which was inspired from the now retired tools/ Now, when I see code generation, I usually think something […]

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Introducing brutha: sync FLAC to Ogg Vorbis, the best way possible

Background It all started from a simple objective: I needed to have my music collection available somewhere else. However, since I usually keep the highest quality available, it means a lot of storage is required. When I started brutha, 3 terabyte hard drives were not even available, and a RAID array, while fine at home, […]

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