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symfttpd 1.1.2 released, and its future

symfttpd 1.1.2 was released… 9 months ago. It contains only minor fixes, and a nice feature for developers to force the expiration of static files (only with spawn, not genconf, of course). You can download it here, at least until GitHub decides to be even more useless than it currently is and completely removes downloads. […]

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Better than a PHP rant

This should be a required reading for any PHP good developer1. Not because they would learn PHP is made by misguided nihilists, or that they shouldn’t use it for anything serious. It’s a given. They should read it because it’s better than the documentation; it’s stuff they will get bit by, eventually. I had immense […]

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Some clarifications on symfttpd

The basic idea is to start a server without any central configuration to maintain, and no need for any root access, hence generic virtual hosts features of Apache or lighttpd are not complete alternatives, as they at least require editing /etc/hosts. It uses the FastCGI backend (or “SAPI”) and can by default handle 3 concurrent […]

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