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I see dancing turtles

I did my part. Both client-side and server-side. Did you? While most of my services are now available over IPv6, they were available before but with no public announcement (i.e. no AAAA entry). The only missing one is XMPP with Prosody, which will have to wait for 0.9.0. It seems most registrars still don’t support […]

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Updating DNS zones serial numbers automatically

If there is something I always forget, it is to update serial numbers of DNS zones. Serial numbers is the only source used for zones transfers, so if you forget to update them, the secondary NS will keep serving the old zone. When you use a fancy DNS server, which has a database backend for […]

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Some clarifications on symfttpd

The basic idea is to start a server without any central configuration to maintain, and no need for any root access, hence generic virtual hosts features of Apache or lighttpd are not complete alternatives, as they at least require editing /etc/hosts. It uses the FastCGI backend (or “SAPI”) and can by default handle 3 concurrent […]

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