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chmod 777 is evil

Well, chmod 666 is the true evil obviously, but people who use the chmod 777 trick really don’t want to bother with the different signification of x for files and folders, so they mark all files as executables. This makes ls in my terminal quite ugly, and is what motivated me to write yet another […]

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Reducing the gap between Symfony and non-PHP frameworks

Something that always annoyed me is how tedious it is to install a Symfony project on a machine. Since I frequently need to intervene quickly on a project for work, and I was getting a brand-new machine, I really didn’t want to create an apache vhost (let alone install Apache: it’s painfully slow and its […]

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Symfony and lighttpd

Update: I have written a tool than can generate automatically the proper configuration and much more! I’ve seen some articles on how to configure lighttpd to serve a Symfony project, however they usually did at least one mistake: Assuming that requests with periods (‘.‘) are for static files (the period is a default separator in […]

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