Main projects

  • weboob — Web Outside of Browsers
  • assnet — Asocial Sharing Network, usable by geeks and their mothers
  • laurentb gentoo overlay — Many Gentoo packages
  • brutha — Sync FLAC music files to Ogg Vorbis (or keep lossy as-is); tailored to audiophiles
  • symfttpd — Tools to use lighttpd and symfony, and provide a development server. Now has another maintainer.

Other projects

  • xunitparser — Read JUnit/XUnit XML files and map them to Python objects
  • rtorrent-notify — Notify of rtorrent events
  • confman — Lazy, rootless, yet powerful config file management mostly using symlinks
  • mpdat — MPD (Music Player Daemon) albums tool
  • ffs — F. File Store
  • public-dotfiles — My configuration files and helpers


New features or important fixes.

Miscellaneous contributions

Usually bug fixes, packaging fixes, or bug reports.

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