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Why I wouldn’t use Symfony for a new project

Symfony is pretty good for a PHP framework — it’s probably still one of the better ones. While Symfony is open source, its development clearly isn’t open. Nowadays, it is mainly unmaintained. Well, it’s maintained by Sensio, which is very closed towards outsiders, and doesn’t apply fixes for versions below 1.3 even when patches are […]

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And I thought sfDoctrineGuardPlugin was bad…

Update: You can safely ignore this angry rant as the issues have been fixed. I am speechless. While doAuthPlugin looks interesting (especially because it uses inheritance and not some silly secondary Profile table), on the topic of security it is worse than sfDoctrineGuardPlugin. Let’s have a quick look at doAuthTools. public static function rememberHash(User $user) […]

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Extract from Doctrine_Record

/** * returns an array of modified fields and associated values * @return array * @todo What about a better name? getModifiedFields? */ public function getModified() { $a = array();   foreach ($this->_modified as $k => $v) { $a[$v] = $this->_data[$v]; } return $a; }   /** * REDUNDANT? */ public function modifiedFields() { $a […]

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