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symfttpd 1.1.1 released

You can now use genconf without linking or copying it inside the project. It also makes the usage of mksymlinks more or less optional if you just want to use spawn. Not much else too see apart from small bug fixes and documentation improvements. Download symfttpd 1.1.1. More information on GitHub. There is also a […]

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symfttpd 1.1.0 released

This version brings one huge usability change: you don’t have to restart spawn anymore when a file is added in the web/ directory root. Enjoy being truly lazy! Along with some miscellaneous enhancements, the output of the tools is now colored, and you can display lighttpd’s logs in the terminal with the -t option. As […]

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Reducing the gap between Symfony and non-PHP frameworks

Something that always annoyed me is how tedious it is to install a Symfony project on a machine. Since I frequently need to intervene quickly on a project for work, and I was getting a brand-new machine, I really didn’t want to create an apache vhost (let alone install Apache: it’s painfully slow and its […]

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