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PHP serialization optimization

I recently had to use the serialize() function to store objects in Memcache. However, I realized that a lot of these objects (Propel objects precisely) were unnecessarily huge when stored: they had a lot of properties with quite long names having their default class value. That’s when I realized I could use the __sleep() function […]

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Symfony and lighttpd

Update: I have written a tool than can generate automatically the proper configuration and much more! I’ve seen some articles on how to configure lighttpd to serve a Symfony project, however they usually did at least one mistake: Assuming that requests with periods (‘.‘) are for static files (the period is a default separator in […]

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What did I use to build this blog? First of all, you will notice I am using WordPress. I looked briefly at the alternatives, but the thing that made me stick with WordPress is that they lack a lot of features and more importantly the WordPress community is amazing (numerous themes and plugins). Granted, a […]

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