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And I thought sfDoctrineGuardPlugin was bad…

Update: You can safely ignore this angry rant as the issues have been fixed. I am speechless. While doAuthPlugin looks interesting (especially because it uses inheritance and not some silly secondary Profile table), on the topic of security it is worse than sfDoctrineGuardPlugin. Let’s have a quick look at doAuthTools. public static function rememberHash(User $user) […]

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Security is not easy

Update: After a year, both plugins are finally updated with a better random key generator. Security is not easy. Programmers should leave things like random number and identifier generation to a library (or at least research the best way to do it). A lot of projects learned it the hard way. Let’s talk for instance […]

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Extract from Doctrine_Record

/** * returns an array of modified fields and associated values * @return array * @todo What about a better name? getModifiedFields? */ public function getModified() { $a = array();   foreach ($this->_modified as $k => $v) { $a[$v] = $this->_data[$v]; } return $a; }   /** * REDUNDANT? */ public function modifiedFields() { $a […]

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